Выгодное географическое положение Beneficial geographical location allows IP Center to serve the demand of both local and intermodal logistic chains, supporting the transit flow of Moscow region.
Железнодорожный путь Railway goes alongside the area of industrial park, what gives opportunity of construction of a side way with a ramp, which would allow to load and consolidate cargos by rail transport.
Наличие собственной электроподстанции There is a separate power distributing station for 5 MWt with possibility of additional connection.
Альтернативный источника теплоснабжения We have our own heating-supplement point, working on biofuel.
Газораспределительная подстанция There is a separate gas distributing station.
Оптиковолоконная линия связи Optic-fiber communication line is also provided.
Оптимальное размещение объектов Optimal positioning of buildings and infrastructure, which allows using them in the best way.
Создание до 2000 новых рабочих мест Creation of 2000 new working places.

Ready infrastructure for

Our company L-Center, having large experience in managing enterprises, is glad to offer to potential partners, residents of the industrial park complex support during the construction and operation of buildings and structures. The industrial park is ready to accommodate industrial and manufacturing facilities of various types.


Our offer

Продажа, либо предоставление в долгосрочную аренду земли
Sale or long-term letting of land for industrial use and infrastructure for construction of enterprises-residents of Industrial Park «Center».
Поддержка резидентов индустриального парка
We provide legal, technical and administrative support to the residents of industrial park.
Развитая инфраструктура
Existing well-developed infrastructure with supplement of utilities in volumes, sufficient for construction and manufacturing.
Охрана территории
We provide armed security services as well as servicing of infrastructure on the territory of industrial park.
Транспортно-логистические услуги и СВХ
Transportation and logistics services, as well, as temporary storage.
Предоставление услуг по проектированию и строительству
We can be acting as a stakeholder and offering services in creating projects and construction, as well as collecting all required documentation.
Кейтеринговые и клининговые услуги
Catering and cleaning services, waste disposal.


Transport infrastructure

Industrial Park “Center” is situated close to Moscow round rail way. It is possible to use existing facilities of the cargo station Nepetsino with a specialized ID code in order to organize logistics and supplement of production equipment, using rail transport. There are also facilities for architecting and construction of separate rail ways on the territory of Industrial Park “Center”, as well as creation of cargo and container places together with customs terminal for various shipments (can be discussed separately).

Карта парка

65 kilometers to Moscow Ring Motorway.

Well-developed infrastructure in Kolomna, 12 km from Industrial Park.

Industrial park is situated in 500 meters to existing transport links of federal motorway M-5 Ural.

Integration of different types of transport (vehicles, railway, etc).

Existing public transport routes and private service of personnel transport.

Proximity of workers from nearby towns Kolomna, Voskresensk, and 20-30 smaller towns.

Existing communications


The connection to high pressure distributing point on the territory of industrial park can be made.


Power supplement
Power allowance limit is 4 MWt, power 6KV, Safety category – 3.


Water supplement
Can be organized from existing well/hole with capacity of 40-120 m3/h. Can be increased upon request.


Done through special filtering structures on the territory of Industrial Park. After filtration the water is thrown into existing collecting pipe, located in 500-800 meters from industrial park.


There is an alternative heating source from the boiler, power 2MWt, located on the territory of Industrial Park.

Contact us


Phone: +7 (916) 338-40-42


Nepetsino Station, Kolomensky area, Moscow District, Russia, post code: 140473

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